Our data-driven, cross-sector and county-based initiative strengthens ten vital services shown to empower students and their families.

Every community can be family-friendly and child-centered with these ten services.

Learn about the impossible job of child welfare pros in Anna, Age Eight, Chapter 7.

We’re working with families and communities to create a near future when adverse childhood experiences and trauma are a thing of the past – like polio and smallpox.

Discover how mobile-based training will provide the skills to inspire, connect and create trauma-free communities where children, students and families thrive.

A statewide network of higher education leaders can harness the power of their institutions to end this epidemic of trauma that derails students.

Far from just a “private family problem,” adverse childhood experiences can lead to substance misuse and mental health challenges that diminish learning and work performance – impacting local economies.

The “100% Solutions Spot” is being pitched as a new place for cities to create synergy for solutions with public and private sector innovators – all focused on ensuring safe childhoods.

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